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Friday, January 13, 2012

Amelia Rivera - Eugenics is alive and well and thriving in a Philadelphia Hospital!

This relates to Amelia Rivera, the three-year-old whose life saving kidney transplant is being withheld from her on grounds that ONE doctor (unfortunately for Amelia, a powerful one) believes that as she has intellectual delay, she's not worth a transplant, even though the proposed donation comes from within her own family and NOT from the organ donation register.

We can all of us forget every cause we ever cared about if we can't as a global community get this Doctor (and by extension this hospital) to stop trampling on this ONE child's Human Rights, which are so blatantly being denied her.

If we can't protect one single child from the bullying and discrimination of this full grown man (who's extremely lucky that nobody gets to make a life or death decision on his worth as a human being given the strength of feeling out there globally!) then we have failed on the most basic level and better hope that those who predict the end of the World this year were right after all.

Here are the relevant links for any who feel something must be done to add their voices:

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