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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Low mobility, BST, sparks of Ideas, and a new challenge...

So all this wonderful weather is amazingly well timed!

Having been on a period of low mobility for the last few days, the sunlight has made such a difference in keeping a relatively high mood and in sparking creativity at this end. It's even helped to get beyond the normal oddness that follows the clocks changing.

C spent a lot of time in the garden over Friday and Saturday, planting a couple of new shrubs and veggies for the coming growing season, so I've begun piecing together a mosaic of pieces of mirror I was given through (Leitrim) to make a solution for getting more light into the garden. (Pics to follow as soon as I can find the right cable)
It's coming on really well, but we're going to need some more polyfiller to get it done. - Hopefully C will go out for me in the morning.

Meanwhile, a dream last night left a flash of inspiration.

Here in Eire it's the Year of Craft. I've been mulling about ideas for a while on how to commemorate this and it's finally hit me: I'm going to see if I can put on an exhibition of knitted sculptures of local buildings and then see if I can't get them sold/auctioned in aid of some of my favourite charities.

So, I've made a start. Well, actually, I've made a list so that I can babystep into it gently over the next few days (FLYlady would be proud!).

* I've taken some preliminary photos and picked a few local landmarks to begin with.
* I've made a list of places to contact to see about hosting
* I've chosen the charities I want to support and will be contacting them tomorrow to see if it's okay to run with it.
* I've made lots of progress with my last project to finish before I can begin.

So hopefully, whether or not the legs choose to work this week, I should have some exciting news in a day or two!

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